DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

First day back...

Spent most of the day catching up on my e-mail from being out. Spoke with Susanne for a while. Tried to install CVS. Spent a good deal of time incorporating the feedback comments from the EAGLE officers on the EAGLE end-of-year report.

I sent this note to the boys:

Greetings gentlemen,

I have returned safe and sound and carry now locked with me, these, my
favorite memories of each of you, during our time together:

George: Watching the many contorted faces you made as you slurped down one "fruit of the sea" after another sharing that unbelievable platter with Michael on Saturday evening.

Alan: The smile on your face as that beautiful boy sat between your legs at "Le Depot." I can't begin to thank you for the work you did in organizing this gathering and including me in on it. It ranks as one of my most memorable trips, and I've been on plenty! My deepest gratitude to you.

Andrew: Your laughter at dinner Saturday night as Michael imitated Macy Gray and "the flies; the flies!"

Mark: Looking at your beautiful forearms any time I had the chance. So masculine!

Daphe: Playing Chicago on the return trip with you, and your smile at winning!

Jacob: Our Irish Coffees the first night in Paris, getting caught making out in the elevator with you, and -- well, just about everything that came out of your mouth (excluding my tongue) made me laugh. And, of course, "Garcon, that extra bottle of wine sur cette table la-bas..." on Friday night at dinner.

Nick: Your face of total horror at Jacob's foibles... but even that couldn't eclipse your rosy cheeks and beautiful smile. I hate that I missed saying good-bye to you on Sunday. Thank you for everything you did to make this weekend happen.

John: Your laughing eyes as you related Nick's reaction (for some of the others who weren't there) of Jacob asking for the leftover wine at dinner on Friday night.

Steve: At "The Stag," your telling me all about the Eurovision contest, pointing out what songs were by which groups, and your occasional singing of the songs, complete with arm and facial movements. You have a very "sweet" face.

Iain: Your reaction to Dason's story at the EuroStar station about the little girl with cancer's bald-headed family. I was moved by seeing your heart so touched.

Phil: How nice you were to me at "The Stag," and making sure I got home okay with Michael from there. Thank you for that.

Markus: Your rubbing my head at "The Stag," when I announced that I thought Dason was totally, totally sexy.

Geert & Dason: All the sordid thoughts I had about you two together as a couple. Oh yeah, and watching you both play Chicago, too. I'm not THAT shallow! :-)

Martin: You sweet man. Thanks for checking in with me so much during the weekend, and I so enjoyed our conversations on Sunday evening on the way to, and at, "Le Depot." I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing your "goody line" as you reached up to stow your jacket on the train ride to Paris. :-)

Michael: Well, you birthday boy, I have great memories of seeing you meet me at the train upon arrival, you and "the flies, the flies," that HAT -- I especially liked it when you walked around with one flap up and one flap down, and seeing you among all your friends (and "the locals") at The Stag. (Why do I still want to call it "Le" Stag?) :-) Thanks for including me in a wonderful celebration and giving me the opportunities to create the memories above with the wonderful people in your life!

Much love and affection to all of you!

Left work around 7, dropped by home to change, and headed down to Flex to dance. Oh my God; I had the best time! There were a lot of folks there, and I hadn't danced in 7 weeks there! (four weeks in LA, home for Thanksgiving, trip to London and Paris)

It was great to dance so many dances. And, to boot, Robert dropped by and surprised me! How sweet! We danced a two-step together, and we did pretty darn good!

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