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Where's my gold watch?

I sent this e-mail to the manager who re-hired me to IBM in 2000:

To: Elizabeth
Subject: Thanks for your part (in blue) in my history...

Hi there!

I started at IBM 25 years ago today. However, today I am NOT being inducted into the renowned Quarter Century Club, because of a little 7-year hiatus I took between 1993 and 2000.

I took a severance package in 1993, and got re-hired in 2000, so officially, I only have 18 years of service. That was an amazing 7 years for me that I wouldn't change for anything though.

A time in which I:
  1. worked on a novel for a year

  2. came out to my wife

  3. got experience working for four other companies, making me confident now that I can "survive on the outside," and

  4. came back here with a whole new perspective.

Life is good.

I hope you are well, Elizabeth!



Shortly after sending the note, I initiated the following chat on our internal chat system, which started, unbeknownst to me, before she had read the above e-mail:

Me - :-)
Elizabeth - HI!!
Me - hiya
Elizabeth - I have some news for you
Me - oh?
Me - do tell!
Elizabeth - ok
Elizabeth - so my last day with IBM is next friday!
Elizabeth - I am quiting to stay home with the kids
Elizabeth - Michael is back at work now
Elizabeth - and in the fall I plan to train to be a massage therapist!
Me - WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
Me - congratulations, elizabeth
Me - that is so fantastic
Elizabeth - I am thrilled beyond your wildest dreams
Me - i know you must be
Me - i'm glad i got to thank you for rehiring me before you left
Elizabeth - I was offered a second line position and said, no actually I want to do something totally different
Me - if you decide to come back in 5 or 10 years look me up
Me - i'll see if i can get you rehired
Me - lol
Elizabeth - :)
Elizabeth - Always good to have friends!
Me - well i wish you all the luck in the world
Me - it sounds very exciting
Elizabeth - Thank you!! and I see something in my [inbox] just now from you
Me - oh yeah
Me - read that
Me - sorry
Me - thought you already read it
Elizabeth - ok. I will read it-
Elizabeth - My goodness! what a note
Me - :-)
Elizabeth - how amazing that you would think to send this to me
Elizabeth - I am floored
Me - i always thank you in my heart for being back here
Elizabeth - incredible!
Elizabeth - well if anyone is good for IBM - You are!!!
Elizabeth - you prove that everyday
Me - thanks
Me - well it was very timely that i sent it then
Me - or you might have disappeared without my ever knowing
Me - :)
Elizabeth - I will send my personal address and e-mail so that you know how to reach me
Elizabeth - and you must tell me if you visit Austin. My home is so open to you!!!
Elizabeth - really you must know that and take advantage of it if you like
Me - i'd like that. thanks. and you can always check in with what's up with me in my blog: http://www.livejournal.com/users/dailyafirmation
Me - great! thank you!
Elizabeth - My kids will adore you and you would like Michael
Elizabeth - and he you
Me - awww. thanks. i might just take you up on that!
Elizabeth - our door is so open
Me - thank you, elizabeth.. and should you ever find yourself vacationing in the high-vacation-destination of raleigh nc.. my place is open to you and your family as well!
Elizabeth - :) love that
Elizabeth - talk to you again in life -
Me - ok hugs and smooches
Me - send me that personal contact info!
Me - and i'll return mine
Elizabeth - you got it!
Me - thx
Me - ciao niao
Me - :)
Elizabeth - bye

And later in the day, an e-card from Sharon:


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