DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Give me ten!

I worked from home today. I did (hopefully) final updates on the AIX Password Sync guide, and edited two other guides -- one Rhonda's and the other, Qiana's. I also got two loads of laundry done in the background. Love that "work/life balance" stuff.

At their request, I prepared mom and dad's "bill" for the cruise, and included the descriptions of the excursions that Vivian and I have tentatively settled on. I also sent email about the excursions to Bob (the travel agent), and Uncle Dennis. We need to know what day Uncle Dennis and Cynda are doing that fishing excursion, so we can plan around it.

I met Kevin, Eric, and two other friends of Kevin's, David and Brant, at Flex for the Trailer Trash Drag Show. Once there, I cringed when reminded that "Trixie" was back in town making a guest appearance, actually hosting the show tonight. I like her not one iota more now than I did when she left. She did not disappoint disappointing me.

Toolah Box was in this incredible outfit tonight... bright red dress, with bright red shoes -- and navy blue hose. At one point, on stage, in front of everyone, Trixie said to her, "Honey, the navy is not working with the red." It's true, it wasn't, but it's true that Trixie is an asshole, too, but no one said that on mic.

Anyhoo... Toolah actually sang her number instead of lip-syncing it, and I made my way up to the stage where people were holding out dollar bills for her, and I held out a ten. She sucked that up like a Hoover. Love her.

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