DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A penny a minute pool...

<Work Rant> We had a Woj area meeting today (via teleconference). If I hear one more management (i.e., leader) say, "We've got to get better. We've got to get products to market faster. We need to improve processes at the individual level -- in our every day work. Our products must have improved quality." Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Hello! Do you really believe that we don't know this. Tell us how to do it! Oh, wait, I got an idea. Lead us in it!

Here's a newsflash: We can't do any of those things while resources are not only limited, but being reduced, more capability is required by the customer with no increase in cost of the product, and our schedules are over-committed already.</Work Rant>

I spent most of my day on the password sync plug-in books, both for AIX and AS/400. I had my monthly one-on-one meeting with Mel, which went well, which rhymes.

I met Kevin and Eric at Helios just after 8:30. Eric is a "new guy" at IBM, whose profile I had seen on the EAGLE database, but hadn't yet met at any EAGLE gatherings. Youngster.

It's always refreshing to me to be around "kids" today -- especially neat to hear how "technology-connected" they are, and for the gay ones, how things are so different for them now than they were for me in my youth. It's encouraging.

I brought some
to add to my cup of coffee. Yum.

We met Joe at Flex close to 10:00, and we had a fun, fun time between playing some serious shit pool, and ragging on the karaoke singers. [It just now occurs to me that "serious shit pool" is an oxymoron.]

We had to pay for pool tonight, but at $.75 a game, we probably averaged close to a penny a minute in terms of how long it took us to play a game, which is some terrible pool-playing, let me tell you.

Joe and I screamed,"Salt, salt, salt," at the appropriate time during Margaritaville, and I inappropriately screamed, "Do, do, do," at another point in the song. Joe sang "At This Moment," which I love hearing him sing.

All around, it was one of the funnest Tuesday nights I've had there in a while. I'm glad Kevin initiated the evening.

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