DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Derby and dancing...

In the morning, Robert helped me re-organize my bedroom some. I moved my socks, underwear, and t-shirt (the clothes I wear the most) from my dresser to my chest of drawers. Now for the next few days, I will open the dresser draw a hundred times, until I retrain myself.

We took an hour or so nap before heading over to Rick's for his annual Kentucky Derby Party. I bought five one-dollar chances and one five-dollar chances. One of my one-dollar picks was Giacomo, which on the slip, looked like Glacoma. "Great," I said. "That's my luck. I draw a horse who can't see with 50-1 odds. Yippee." Well, if you saw the race, you know the rest. I collected my $20 prize.

The most interesting thing at the party was Chris (one of the four, I believe, that were there) openly smoking pot at a very mixed party, which included people who didn't know each other, and Michael, the vegetarian, grilling the hamburgers.

We stopped by the house to change clothes for dancing, and ended up catching a 30-minute catnap.

Dancing was fun tonight. A big, hunky guy named Roy, who is new in town (this week) asked Robert to do a couple of two-steps. He took his shirt off at one point, and had this huge, elaborate tattoo across his back. No chest hair, and not even a goody-line -- not one that I could see anyway.

Carl re-taught the dance we learned last Wednesday that I couldn't remember the name of. It's to the song "Good Brown Gravy" by Joe Diffie. I really like the dance, the more and more we do it.

Steve arrived later in the evening, and then Randy -- not big-dicked Randy, and not Randy K, who we haven't seen in ages, but another Randy, who goes to the same spa as Robert, came and talked to the three of us. We went back and forth about going to CCs or not, and finally ended up going, so that we could catch up with Joe.

As we were going in, Loren was coming out. Hadn't seen him in a while.

Inside, no Joe. I spent a little bit of time in the Piano Bar. For a while there those guys were getting on my nerves, but it's been a while since they performed together, and in comparison to what's been filling in while they haven't been there, they really are entertaining.

We left after a short while.

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