DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Last board meeting of 2002...

Spent most of the day fiddling with trying to get CVS to attach to Access360's servers, trying to replace ctl3d32.dll, and with uninstalling and reinstalling NAV. What a pain. Finished the EAGLE end of year report. Attended quarterly IDWB L1 Support meeting. Alice is good people. Spent about an hour with Rhonda trying to fix her Xyvision server problem.

Left work at 3 for the "SWG Holiday Celebration." Drove right by it. Stopped by Triangle Car Care to address the three charges for my antenna repair!

Stopped by WalMart, mostly for mini-photo albums for mine and Steve's California trip. Also bought some name tags for Saturday's EAGLE party.

James stopped by and I paid him for the work he's been doing for me, including a $321 tip! :-)

I left at 5:30 to meet Jay for dinner at Trips before the board meeting. He was late, and bummed out about his recent breakup with his boyfriend. I had a delicious Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry.

We were all pretty vicious and tired at the board meeting. It was a pretty decent one though, considering it was just me, Jay, Wayne, Jan, and Chris. It ended close to 9:30.

Went to Oasis. Only Adam and Rick were there from the dance crowd. I danced a few dances with Adam, and he taught me one of the few line dances left that I don't know -- "the Cher one." I didn't get it all, but enough to get out there and try it next Wednesday.

Oh, this is funny. I told Adam that a friend of mine had seen him at an event with his boyfriend, and that he was a little bit "older." He said, "Yeah, Van." I said, "Van? Your boyfriend is Van?" "Yes!" he said. "Lord, and all this time, I thought you were teaching him how to be a DJ!" I replied. He thought that was pretty damn funny.

Had a message from Robert when I returned home. We talked away some of his last hour of being 49. Dinner's on for tomorrow night as originally planned! Yippee! Fiftee!

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