DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

What's making me go "Hmmm" these days...

I have this little sample tube of teeth whitener. On the tube it says in big blue letters, "5-Minute Whitening Power*" The very next line, in red, explains the asterisk: "*Begins to Start Whitening in 5 Minutes."

This is what's bothering me:

Okay, it begins the start of the whitening in 5 minutes, so does that mean there is a middle of the start of whitening and an end of the start of whitening? And is there a beginning of the middle of the whitening, and the beginning of the end of the whitening? So, does it proceed in a timeline like this:

5 minutes                  10 minutes                  20 minutes                  60 minutes                  Indefinitely

Start of Whitening............................Middle of Whitening............................End of Whitening

^         ^         ^
|          |          |
|          |          End of start of whitening
|          Middle of start of whitening
Beginning of start of whitening

Deep down in my heart, I really believe that the difference between "starts whitening" and "begins to start whitening" is precisely equivalent to the difference between a "new" episode of The Simpsons and an "all new" episode of The Simpsons.

We had book club today. Janet got her cat back. YAY! Things are improving with Mary's mother. YAY! Suzanne never showed up. BOO!

I had a good meeting with Nathan today. I wrote him a check for $10,000, which makes me eligible for "American Express Gold Financial Services." $4000 of that is my 2005 Roth IRA contribution.

I left work at 7PM, and stopped at the rec center on the way home, where I walked six laps around the track -- 3 miles.

At home, I had a killer salad for dinner, and made up a couple of servings of salad in order to be able to grab it on the run in the morning.

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