DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Hamburgers and rhetoric...

Cassandra and I had a very productive meeting today – lots to cover, and all covered. Right after that, I left to meet Raj at Chick-fil-A on Harrison Avenue. Always good to see him even though he never has very much to say. We each had a salad, he the spicy one, me the grilled one.

As we almost always do, we went to Sam’s after eating, and just walked around in there. I ended up buying a set of luggage for my Greece trip.

I spent most of the afternoon preparing my Diversity pitch for Thursday. Debbie R. and I went down to the cafeteria and did a dry one with the video and audio equipment down in the cafeteria. She’s always a pleasure to work with.

Robert arrived at around 6:00, and we had hamburgers for dinner, before I left for class.

Class was great. We discussed Rhetoric, and it was a good intellectual discussion, which I really enjoyed. About half the class was not there, and Susan intimated that it was because the reading was so hard. I’m not convinced it was that. I can’t believe a bunch of people would drop the class just because one reading assignment was difficult, though she did say that it’s going to get much worse in the next couple of weeks. Perhaps they got wind of that. I still don’t get dropping it though, as this is a required course for the program, and you have to take it some time.

Once again we had over 10 people doing the Tush Push. Carl taught Georgia Winder for the lesson, which some people got, and some didn’t.

We had already decided to leave when Harper Valley PTA came on. We stayed for that. Missy lurked all around us as it played.

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