DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Teaching Down Under from Up Over...

Our TIGR meeting went smoothly today. I brought up questions about the new ICMT process and CDT roles, which are still in development, and confirmed that my understanding of how we’re supposed to proceed in the meantime was correct.

Class was okay tonight. As expected I am going to enjoy my other class much more.

I got home at about 7:30, cooked dinner, and finished eating at 8:00. Right after that I moved the speakerphone from my bedroom to the guest room by the computer for my 8:30 call with the IBMers in Australia. The class was scheduled from 8:30 to 9:30, which was 10:30 to 11:30 Wednesday morning for them.

John Robinson called me at about 8:28, and we got started just after 8:30. The education session was on the SWG Corrective and Preventive Action procedures. I finished at about 9:10.

Steve called just after 9:30, and said that he and Randy were stopping by Flex after eating at 5 Star, and asked me to join them for a drink.

I got there just before 10, and Steve was playing one of those silly games in there, a “memory” game where you flip the pieces around and try to remember what was behind each and match them up. Of course the pictures behind the pieces were of hot men. Randy was playing along with him

Steve said hello, and pretty much just kept on with the game. Then played another. I got a drink and wandered around some, wondering, really, why I came out at this hour just to watch him play a video game. Oh well. It’s his birthday. So I decided to be generous.

It was Tuesday karaoke night, and within the next hour it got the most absolute dreadful I’ve ever witnessed there. Terrible singer after terrible singer after atrocious singer. OMG, it was awful.

Steve introduced us to the son of a friend of his, and then spent a lot of time talking with Randy’s ex, who was also there. Again, I wondered again, “What am I doing here exactly?” Oh well.

After a while, I said, “I can’t take this excruciating singing any more. I’m gonna run.” Hugs all around. Night, night.

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