DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Caterpillar clippings...

I did the "Phone-Ahead" thing at Cost Cutters, only to arrive finding no one waiting any way.

April cut my hair this time. Bridgett was flitting about. Uneventful. 7 on the top. 5 on the sides. $11.95, one dollar-off coupon. $10.95. $3.00 tip. I asked April to zip that trimmer over my eyebrows for me. Gotta keep those "dead caterpillars" on my forehead from getting unruly.

She asks, "Leave the sideburns?"

I say, "Yes, put the clippers on that remove just the gray."

She retorts without missing a beat, "Oh, I've already got those on."

I fiddled some more with my website, even though I've already presented it. I put the final touches on my Hi-Fi Usability Test Report.

Dancing was a blast tonight. It got quite crowded, and we learned a new dance. YIPPEE! Let's see, what was that dance called? Can't remember. Gotta ask Robert.

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