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The culmination of ENG 519...

Class was fun (except for one brief 15-minute period) again tonight, as I got to see five more portfolios created by my classmates in ENG 519. It is so interesting how vastly different everyone's is, and to hear about each person's experience as they made their way through this rather arduous assignment.

I had my presentation scripted, had run through it four times with a timer, each time taking 9 minutes. As we were allowed 7-10 minutes, it stressed me out a little not knowing if it was 9 minutes 1 second or 9 minutes 58 seconds that it had taken each time. All I knew was that I had to keep at a decent clip so as not to run over, as that is one of the measurement criteria for the grade of the presentation. God forbid I should go a second over. As if my entire being would be shattered and I'd no longer be The Best Little Boy in the World.   As if!

I am going to provide a link to my portfolio here with these caveats:
  1. The search capability in the "On the Job," "In the Classroom," and "On My Own" pages doesn't work. In the "In the Classroom" section, if you click the "Show Selected Work" button, it simulates the results you would have gotten had you would selected the option to show my work of types "Paper" and "Usability Reports" with skills of "Analysis." But that code doesn't really work yet. It's database code that is work yet to be done.
  2. So you can click away on any of those checkboxes, and nothing else is going to happen.
  3. None of the "Submit" buttons do anything at this point (unless they have been "hijacked" to simulate a function).
  4. On the portfolio items page, the "Mark This Item to Include in Summary" button doesn't actually mark an item. It acts like it does, but it doesn't. And if you click on the "Marked Items Summary" link at the top of each portfolio item page, it simulates you having marked these two items in the portfolio: the "Pair-to-Peer Networking" paper in the "Work Produced in the Classroom" category, and the "Program Evaluation (Edited)" work in the "Worked Produced On My Own" category. It, too, is future form functionality that I need to code. Oh yeah, that link acts differently on the home page. There it shows you the message the user will get if they click that link before having marked any items.

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