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I am so trying to get out of this city. The ice and snow is accumulating as my 6:45 flight to London draws near. I'm subscribed to www.aa.com to get alerts in any change to my flight and haven't received any yet, so that's good.

Finished up what I'm going to be able to get done of the installation guides and shipped those off to Kim et. al. ahead of my 3:00 target. Yippee.

I have mixed emotions about this flight. I need to sleep on it, as it'll be 7AM (tomorrow) when I arrive in London, but I don't sleep well on planes. Thought of asking Steve for an "ambient" (is that right?), but never got to it.

Started the day off getting to work late. I wanted the book, UNCLE MAME, that I put on hold, to take with me and the library didn't open until 9:00. Then, stopped by the Credit Union to get some cash to take. I wanted two one hundred dollar bills to give to Alan. I decided on just another 100 cash, but am now rethinking. As soon as I land in London, and all weekend long in Paris I'll be using a credit card or will have to get pounds and francs, so I don't need much cash, really. I don't know. I'm just antsy about it. I'm going to go down to the ATM machine before I leave and get another hundred.

Robert just called to wish me a safe flight and fun time. He sent me a sweet, sweet card on-line, too -- in French. Sweet, sweet man.

Well, tootles!



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