DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Hoedown closes down...

We got up at about 10:30, had some coffee, packed, showered and checked out by noon. The one elevator was still not working, which made check out of an entire hotel at approximately the same time a little bit frustrating.

On the first trip to the car, the one elevator that was working arrived with only enough room for one person to get on. I did, and Robert decided to take the stairs. He got to them, and there was a sign on the door that said, "Alarm will activate when door opens." Robert opened it anyway. No alarm went off. Dangerous!

We ran into Rick and Michael in the lobby, and after packing the car, we all walked over to the Eagle for the BBQ. Once again, like last year, there was no sign of the BBQ being prepared, or even the area where it was to be served being readied. This year they also advertised "open dancing" during this time, and that wasn't happening either. Well, one instructor was giving a group lesson on the inside floor.

Like last year, we decided not to wait for the buffet. It would be 2:00, at the earliest, before it would be ready. After debating about, and deciding not to, buy Bloody Mary's with them, we gave our drink tickets to Cliff, and left.

On the way to our cars, Rick and Michael asked if we wanted to grab a bite before we left town, and we agreed on Panera Bread, which turned out to be farther to get to than I would have gone had I known how far it was going to be. Nonetheless, we had a good lunch, and then hit the road.

We had an uneventful ride home, with one stop at a rest stop, which was a little weird in that the men's room in it had no urinals. There were about 7 or 8 stalls. Had I not known better, I would have sworn we were in a ladies room.

I dropped Robert off in Durham on the way back.

I went to Flex at about 8:00, and spoke with Robert Fox for a half-hour or so. I like him. The place pretty much emptied out at about 8:30, with at least two people saying on the way out, "I've got to get home for Desperate Housewives."

Doug sat and talked with me for about a half or so, after which I went out to my car to see if Brian had left a message about coming out. He hadn't. I called him. He wasn't coming out. I went home. It was past 9:30 and Karaoke still hadn't started.

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