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Usability testing Will & Ned...

I had a busy day at work today. Spent some time trying to get the password database working on Mel's machine. Reviewed Trevor's updates of the PPD Education module. Attended our department meeting from 1:00-2:00. The agenda for the department meeting included Lenovo acquisition information, EO, teaming, and PBC expectations. That's what the meeting invitation said anyway. What I remember seeing was the Lenovo information, one slide on diversity, possible future IDD organization reorganizations, and going around the room for a status update from everyone.

I got to Tompkins early tonight in hopes of catching two people early for Dr. Dicks' class so I could ask them to take my usability test for the Will & Ned poster. I hit the jackpot with three early arrivals: Michelle, Heather, and E-Ching. All three were gracious enough to help me out.

We started class off talking about Lisa's presentation last Wednesday. I talked about my experience at a conference actually watching an impaired person using accessible products, which made a much bigger impact on me than hearing lectures about "accessibility imperatives" and "section 508" will ever have. He said he'll consider asking Lisa to bring one of the impaired people she works with the next time he has her come speak to a class. Cool.

I spent the night working on my final usability test for 508. I'm doing it on my Will & Ned poster.

I am thinking about my friend Joe. Today's his birthday, and he's in the Cayman Islands, hopefully having fun.

This, from my friend chasman's journal, cracked me up:

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