DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The day before...

Had our 2nd, or is it 3rd, GLBT Leadership meeting. Only attendees: me, Mark K., Beth, and Wes. I brought the See's candy sampler to Liz. I scared the lady trying to decide if the red sign on the door that side "FIRE DOOR KEEP CLOSED" meant that it was alarmed. When she finally decided it wasn't, she pushed it open and I started making a loud siren noise behind her with my mouth. Her face was classic.

Real busy day at work... incorporated Tracy's edits into both the UNIX and W2K versions of the installation guide. Incorporated Jon Embrey's comments.

I incorporated edits from Jon B. and Deanna Z. to the EAGLE 2002 E-O-Y Report. Feeling good about that.

I worked until 8:30. Ran by Sam's on the way home and picked up my California pictures. They're great! There are still above 6 in my camera. I hope to finish that roll in the next week.

Packed for my London/Paris trip! Got lots to do before Jay takes me to the airport tomorrow at 4:30. The weather is supposed to totally suck tomorrow (snow and sleet)! Great. I hope we get off the ground.

Robert had a bad day today. I feel for him.

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