DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Web thing and Spring Fling...

Joe called at about 10:00, and had decided to just wait for Richard to arrive to go pick up his car in the Flex parking lot. I spent the entire day working on my ME Project Web site. It was engaging, but took way longer than it should have. Oh well.

I got to the annual March Madness party, this year called the Spring Fling, since a March Madness party in April just doesn't have the same ring. The book club took its, now legendary, place in the kitchen. Sharon had this bag of Cheetos that turned your mouth either black or green when you ate them. It wasn't either by the piece or by the mouth, however. It was by the bag. Evidently we got a "black bag." Who comes up with these things?

Sharon tried to put this thing that looks like a cover on my new Tungsten E Palm device, and was as unsuccessful as I had been. We waited for Janet and Beth to come, and I asked Janet to try. She got it on, no problem. This is why whenever I have any handy work needing done around the house, I call a Lesbian.

Toward the end of the evening, we played Catch Phrase, which was a ton o' fun. Once again, this year, Annette sat next to me, and was just fun to play with. Even more fun, at times, was Suzanne's reaction to Annette. I found Alisa's husband rather sexy. Josh played with us, and did pretty good.

I went to the rest room at about 10 after 11, and saw my phone lit up in the bag sitting on Josh's bed. I had messages from both Joe and Steve. I met them at Flex close to midnight. There was a decent sized crowd there.

We went to CCs afterwards, and I spent about 15 minutes talking with Rob. Dwight was also there with him, and a guy named John that he was talking to. There was another guy on and off next to him, and at one point they were touching each other's hands, I think it was.

Me, Steve, and Joe ended up at NY Pizza just before it closed at 3:00. Three tired old queens that we are, drooling -- not over the pizza, but the twenty-somethings in the place. Bois.

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