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Monday, Monday...

Jay called right when I turned my phone on this morning. He wanted to see if I could pick him up around 10:00 at Fred Anderson Toyota.

As I walked down the hall to my office, Susanne followed me with my desk key. Yippee!

Started incorporating Jon's comments on the installation guides. I like what he's pointing out. Had a strained called with Mathis today.

Donna called from Broadway and 42nd -- in front of the theater where Aida is playing. :-)

I told Jay I was withdrawing from the EAGLE cruise. I made all my arrangements for Gay Ski Week in Aspen. Got a room to myself at the Hotel Durant. Yippee! The accommodations include transfers to/from Eagle Airport in Vail. I got American flights -- through Dallas on the outbound and through Chicago on the return.

Picked Jay up at around 10:30 at the Toyota place. Got caught up on his weekend, which was fun. He warned me NOT to see the latest Michael Crawford play. He piqued my interest with Man of La Mancha. I think we'll see that when Mom and I are up visiting Donna in NYC -- if we can get tickets.

I had lunch with Courtney. We were laughing hysterically within 5 minutes of being in the car. She had a Deniet magnet with her. How cool! We ate at Subway.

Robert AIMed me right before I left work. He sounded in good spirits. He bought a couch!

I worked until 10:30PM, completing the first draft of the EAGLE 2002 Year-End Report. I want to distribute it tomorrow at Chris' meeting.

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