DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Goldschlagger redux...

I spent most of my work day today doing my monthly highlight status report for March. Does it make sense to take a whole day to write up what you've done for a month? I think not. I did get it all "organized" though, to make it easier to report monthly for the rest of the year. Mel is cracking down on them, I'm sure as a result of the all managers' meeting in Austin week before last. I'm sure all of the "ducks need to be in a row" in case a "resource action" comes down. Yeehaw.

Joe called to say that Richard had decided not to come tonight, but tomorrow morning instead. Then he called back later to say that that had bothered him so much that he called him back, they'd had an hour-long conversation, and now he needed a drink.

I met him at Flex at 11:30ish. We each downed a bullet bottle of Goldschlaggers, which started a long, drunk night. At least I wasn't the one to throw up twice.

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