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Box o' Food, bag o' food...

In the middle of the TIGR Team Conference Call today, right after I spoke, I went to hit the "Handsfree/Mute" button on my phone, and hit the "Release" button (which disconnects the call) instead. I hate when that happens.

Bookclub was fun today. No mention of books. But, that's why we're called The Mostly Social Bookclub.

I told the story about the opera on Friday: Just before it started, this really, really old lady and her husband sat in the seats in front of us. She was way stooped over -- her body, literally, made just about a 90-degree angle at her waist. She leaned on a walker as she crept along.

I said to Mary, "I wonder who is going to die first, her or the pope." She gave me this look like she was not even going to dignify that with an answer, and then, sort of threw her head back a little and dead-panned, "I'm going to go home and take a calcium pill." OMG, that made me roll.

Speaking of the pope, I have been waiting for the "pope jokes" to start. Today I got this in an email with the subject line of "Car for Sale."

Love the glovebox contents!

On the way back from lunch, I drove by the post office, and put both of my tax returns in the mail. Nice to have that taken care of.

At home, my "yuge" (and heavy!) box of food was behind the bushes. I can't believe UPS leaves such a valuable package without someone signing. But I digest (I am copyrighting this phrase for my own protection, as I have seen what can happen with such phrases.)

When I walked into class, Jenny asked me where I'd parked, which made me laugh. This was an obvious reference to the details of my blog, specifically alluding to my parking report from yesterday's entry.

Shortly after that, Bobette came over and said to me, "I just want you to know that everyone in my office is using the word conflama now." Michelle, sounds like meme-mania again.

After that, Callie came over and gave me the bag of Nutri-food that she had "rescued" from her friend Amber. In that blog entry, she wrote, "She can't eat them since she's pregnant, and by the time she has the baby, they wouldn't be any good."

Callie, I am here to tell you that it is already too late. That food is bad! How long has she had it? I had the potato chips ("puffs," if you will) last night, and they tasted like, well, like cardboard with dirt on them. They have that taste like they've been stored for about two years. Frankly, I'm hesitant to try the other stuff.

Seriously, do you know how long she's had that food, really? The other bad sign is that that is all old, old packaging. The current stuff is in colorful boxes, with appetizing pictures on them. :-)

On the other hand, the absolute gem of the evening was that homemade dip you included in the goody bag! Yum! Yum! Yum! I absolutely do want the recipe for it. Thanks.

After these exchanges with classmates, including another short one with Michelle about her recent "rant" posting, I thought back to earlier in the semester on our discussion about blogs building community. Tonight, I think we experienced that they do.

At home, I devised an email to the guy in CHASS who can help me with databases, and sent that off to him. I also updated my "audience questionnaire for a portfolio website user" and sent it to Drs. Miller and Anson.

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