DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A taxing day...

I finished up Jeane's taxes today. When I first opened Turbo Tax to continue where I'd left off about a month ago, I got some error, with a message asking me if I wanted it to restore the file in some way, to which I just clicked yes.

So, I'm all done, and I hit the Print button to print her return. Out comes the 1040 form, along with Schedules D & E. No schedule A. WTF? I itemized for her, and there's a reference to Schedule A on the 1040 form, but it's not included in the "Show My Return" option. I look at the "All Worksheets" options, and see it there, filled out. I print it separately.

I remember that stupid error, and now wonder what it meant. I re-enter all of her data (easier than first time around as I had the printed forms with the answers instead of having to forage through all of her paperwork), and end up with, voila, the same thing. Then, I realize that because she's both blind and over 72 1/2, she gets virtually double the standard deduction, which is more than her itemized deduction meaning its not being used, and hence it not printing. Grrrrrrr. Wasted time!

I got mine done, too. Federal refund. State refund. Yay!

Robert and I ran to The Factory Card Outlet, where I bought sympathy cards for Steven and his mom for the loss of Aunt Christine, and a birthday card for dad. The "Mother's Day" section reminded me that Mother's Day is May 8th. Palm Piloted. They actually had their Father's Day cards out already, too.

At Wal-Mart, I got a pair of Wrangler jeans shorts, a blow-dryer, and on a whim, a Sonicare Electric Toothbrush. They had two models, the 4100 and the 4200. I studied the difference between the two models, with it being: the 4200 was $13.00 more than the 4100, and came with an extra head. I looked at the price of an extra head by itself. $12.00. I bought the 4100.

Once home, after tearing the hell out of the box to get the thing out of its packaging, I looked at the receipt to find that I was charged for the 4200 instead of the 4100. Grrrrrrrrrrr! Hassle.

Dancing was fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun tonight. It got pretty festive there, and afterwards at CCs as well. Everyone was just a little bit "flirty and frisky."

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