DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The Merry Widow

I had a very productive day at work today -- finished the hard part of the effectiveness analysis summary that I plan to present at Monday's meeting.

I helped Joe with his resume today, and he finally got through it in spite of the gazillion computer problems he's had lately, and again today.

Robert and I were going to go out for dinner, either at Papa Lou's or Papa John's (it was to be a who's-your-daddy kind of dinner place), but once home I decided I was really craving a salad. So, that's what we had along with two boiled hot dogs each -- just the dogs, no bread.

We arrived at the BTI center right at 7:00, in spite of all the road detours in place down there, making us have to snake through downtown. Mary was there, already enjoying a cocktail -- Crown and Diet -- that's my girl. I got a JD and Diet, and Robert got a flute of champagne. We reviewed the mind map so that everyone was clear on what was about to happen.

Mary and I did our traditional fashion patrol, and found no shortage of candidates to comment on. One lady looked pretty elegant in her black dress, white wrap, and her fabulously coiffed up 'do. The man escorting her was in a tux. In the atrocious category, was a women whose stomach, hips, and thighs were testing the limits of her jeans -- seamingly, to the bursting point. Bless her heart.

There were two major surprises to the evening: 1) The opera was in English! and 2) "The Big D" (see mind map) never happened in Act III (the green act). Who knew?

It was kind of funny during the opera, we made little check marks in the air whenever something happened that we remembered from the mind map.

Once home, Robert and I enjoyed a bag of Orville Kettlecorn Popcorn, and did a USA Today crossword puzzle that I'd taken from a paper left hanging around somewhere that I'd been recently. I really enjoyed this puzzle, as it was just difficult enough to be challenging, but not so much as to be frustrating.
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