DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

December... already?

Robert made killer french toast with Portuguese bread I have. It was topped with an egg over easy on it, and a side order of Linguisa! Yummmmmmm! Shortly after breakfast he left.

I ran out to Circuit City to see if they had an 22" monitors. No luck. I stopped by Hecht's and bought a pair of kahki pants for my trip to Europe on Wednesday.

James did a lot of work on the deck today. It's almost done!

I spent some time working on the EAGLE end-of-the-year report, and at about 7:00, Gregor called to see if I wanted to meet him at Third Place at 8:00 for an hour.

I met him. He was cranky. He seemed annoyed at me because everything in my life is Gay! Gay! Gay! I left wondering if he gets as annoyed with his straight friends that everything in their lives is Straight! Straight! Straight! Oh well, probably just something else we see differently.

I'm up in the air (so-to-speak) with my (GAY!) Ski Week in Aspen reservations and accommodations, and it makes me antsy. I like things settled! I'll take care of that tomorrow.

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