DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Michael's Birthday...

Today is Michael's birthday and I have a lot of thoughts I want to capture about it, but, unfortunately, will not take the time to do it today. Maybe another day.

I did a lot of TCW work this morning -- organizing and catching up on the interested volunteers e-mails, databases, and e-mail lists, and getting the note out to the tcw_opportunities e-mail list about the Foster Parenting Seminar. Feel pretty good about that work.

Robert and I met Steve at his house at 2:15. We stopped to check the TCW mail, and for a Snoopy's hot dog on the way. We followed to Steve to a C&W store in Benson, where Steve bought a pair of boots, and I bought a hat.

On the way back, Robert and I stopped at the Farmer's Market to have a shrimp burger. Yummmmmm! Once home we read until about 8:00. I finished The Nanny Diaries. Thank God I'm done with that book. Robert finished Hiding My Candy and started reading The Confessions of an Ugly Step Sister.

At around 8:30 we went bowling. We ended up bowling 3 games, and it was fun! Robert improved with each game, so that was good. At the beginning of the third game, they turned off all the lights in the place. That didn't help my game.

After that, we met Steve at Flex. It wasn't the best time. It was underwear night, however.

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