DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Crazy little things...

We had our "PBC Meeting" with Phil today via phone. It was scheduled for 30 minutes, and went 5 minutes over. It was rushed. There was no time for questions at the end. But it's all so "critical."

After that I had an hour teleconference with Sabrina and Amy on the "Method Not Found" Lotus Notes problem with the TSIB database. I was pretty pleased with myself as Amy stepped though Brian's script code, and I was 1) able to remember something about coding, and 2) could figure out what Brian might have been thinking (which is actually very frightening) when he was coding that stuff. We narrowed the scope of the problem at least, and Amy will continue to work on it "offline."

Class went by pretty quickly tonight. We used Jakob Nieilsen's Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design as a heuristic to assess the new NC State Registration Web site. After 30 minutes of individual assessment, we shared our findings as a group. One person talked incessantly.

Sometimes in class, I find myself looking at the clock on the computer to see how much time is left until the end of class, and I think, "15 more minutes and I'm another class closer to getting my Master's degree."

Once home, for dinner, I had the Vegetable Lasagna with Basil Tomato Sauce entree, which I love. I finished the butternut squash as a side. I skipped dessert, because I knew I'd be snacking at Flex tonight.

I got to Flex just before 9:00, and several of the dancers were already there. As soon as Robert arrived with the cups and napkins, Shawn brought out the "goodies" in honor of Josh's birthday. A tin with three varieties of popcorn. Delicious! Cheese or butter (the jury is still out), white cheddar cheese, and caramel covered. I ate a little too much of it, but less than I would have had I not been dieting. I danced most of it off, I'm sure. That's my story and it's sticking to me.

Oh yeah, Shawn also brought a variety of Mrs. Fields' cookies. I had one white chocolate macadamia nut one. Yum!

It got quite crowded there after a while. It's always more fun dancing when there's a bigger crowd. We had pretty good participation in the lesson, too, which was for one of the hardest dances of all (in my opinion) -- the dance to "A Crazy Little Thing." The dance actually looks like one of those dances you'd see on a Gap commercial. People did fairly well with it, considering.

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