DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Thong long gone...

... or so I thought. She was there again. Black lycra pants... black elastic band at the top of some type of underwear. At least this time, the spandex pants didn't ride low enough to give me a crack (so to speak) at seeing what was underneath.

I was much more interested in the guy walking back and forth from the weight room anyway. He had on one of those tank tops where under the arms, it's cut very low, almost to the waist, so that you get a glimpse of his chest as he walks by. You know what I'm talking about. He was chiseled.

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, for a 350-calorie burn.

Anyhow, that was all after class. Maybe I'll write this entry in reverse order, since all I basically did after class was go to bed.

I finished up my "ME Project Information Plan," and was so pleased with it until I sat in class and listened to all the things "of course, that's already in your Information Plan..." It is??? Not mine.

From there, I continued the "downward spiraling," listening to all of these great techniques, which I agree will work, to figuring out all the things this portfolio Web site can be. The problem is, there is actually no way in hell all of the function that should be in our Web site can be coded by the end of the semester. Not with the time and skills available.

In my information plan, I made a concerted effort to include what can feasibly be done with the time, skills, and resources I have in this class. I thought that was the point of an Information Plan.

What I heard in class tonight kept ringing scope creep to me. Maybe I'm too used to life outside the ivory tower (read: jaded), but, once again, by the time I left class, I was just totally overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done.

If I didn't have to budget 16 hours to learn scripting and another 16 to learn HTML-database functionality, I might have time to make this Web site as full-function as it could/should be. Or, if I could just draw it all and turn in a "paper" Web site, I could probably get it all done. There's no way in hell to plan it all, design it all, and then code it all, though. Not even with YoureDreamingweaver. Oh well. This too shall pass.

It's too hard to document my day backwards. That's all I'm going to say for today. I'm just whining and devising a real "buzz kill," as my friend, brianrdu, would say anyway. I need to get out of this funk.

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