DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

More work, less play...

Our group met at the library at 2:00 as planned. Well, me Amelia and Will were there. Angel was late, which surprised none of us. We went through some drama of creating a big sign saying where we were and stuck it on the gates you have to go through to enter the library, where she'd be sure to see it.

We got the key to one of the "Graduate Study" rooms, and first tried the one on the 3rd floor. It was taken. We went to the fourth floor, which was empty, and we nabbed it. We laid out all of our stuff in the order it will appear in the report. Amelia had her Mac, I had my PC, and when Angel finally got there, she had her Mac. Will had a smile.

We had a good working session, with most of the time spent devising the findings, their associated recommendation(s), and then attributing a quote to each one in the case that we could find one. In the course of that, we came up with a couple of recommendations for "further research," which we need to include in the report, and we ended our meeting enumerating some "lessons learned" to include. We spent just under 3 hours there.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, and got all kinds of vegetables, and some bread. Once home, I cut up cucumbers, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and green peppers, and made me a killer, killer salad. I had that with the NutriSystem Tacos entree. Actually, I had two of them, as I didn't have lunch today, and I have several more dinner entrees left as opposed to lunch entrees. That was six small tacos, but I only ended up eating 4 of them.

After dinner, I peeled, which I hate doing, a butternut squash, diced it, and steamed the pieces for 20 minutes. Then, I used the mixer to puree the chunks into, well, squash. I look forward to having some of that tomorrow. Butternut squash is one of my most favorite (healthy) foods.

Between finishing that and going out at nine, I reformatted our preference data from tables with comments in columns to tables with the comments in rows, and finished all but the last two sections of the "Executive Summary" of our report. I forwarded what I had to the group to critique while I was out.

I met brianrdu at Flex, and we watched Karaoke. That "straight" guy who "doesn't like labels" was there again. By the end of the night, Brian had determined that he was decidedly not straight. :-)

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