DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

All work and all play...

I worked on my ENG 519 Information Plan (due Tuesday) for most of the day, intermittently stopping to work on our ENG 508 group project (due Monday) as notes and updates arrived from the group. Toward the end of the day, we agreed that we need to meet tomorrow to lay out all of the pieces, and finalize our analysis, and the discussion section of the report.

I was going to take a nap, but got a rush of work to do on the group project right at the hour, so did that instead. I had dinner, and left for Flex at about 7:45.

What a fun, fun, fun night of dancing. The cowboys from Charlotte were in town to advertise the Queen City Stomp coming up in Charlotte April 22-24. Can't wait. They are saying the are now expecting about 1,000 dancers. Yeehaw! It was very cool to see the dance floor full of two-steppers. In general, we do more line dances than two-stepping here, because not as many of the guys know how to two-step and/or don't have a regular partner to two-step with.

There was a "Colt Model" (porn star) scheduled to come on after we stopped dancing. We quit at about 11, I think, maybe 11:30, and by about 12:15 he still hadn't come on. He was standing over by the door, and from more than one report, appeared to be "not very friendly." What's the point? I always wonder about having these guys here. They can't get naked in a bar in this state, and it's not like, in place of that, we can have a discussion about the Pythagorean Theorem with them. It's just lame.

Robert went home about then, and I went over to CCs I spent most of the night talking with Patrick, who spent most of the night talking about Joe. :-)

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