DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

3RD Year Anniversary...

Today makes three years since I walked out on my TV. When I broke up with my partner, we had a 35-inch TV that we had purchased while together, and since I really paid for it, I said on my way out, "I reserve the right to come back and get this TV in the next six months." I never went back.

It was snowing when we got up this morning, so I decided to work from home.

This was posted on the EAGLE database today: Home Improvement Catalog <ROTFL>

We didn't have ENG 519 tonight, as Dr. Swarts is in Las Vegas at a conference. We did have a team meeting of "The Blue Team" to work on our Usability Test Report, which is due Monday. This is going to be a pure T bitch to finish by Monday night -- especially since Will and I both have another involved paper, our Information Plan, due in Tuesday night's class. Group projects in grad school suck.

We met at the El Rodeo on Hillsborough Street, so ate and met at the same time. We spent 2.5 hours there. We each took turns reading our review of the observation of the sessions with our participants -- six tasks, four times. We coded the errors, mostly, in the end, agreeing with what Will had already determined for us. (Thanks, Will, for that!) Amelia had some amazing "preference data" captured. At the end, we assigned "next tasks" and left.

On the way out, Will gave me suggestions for two classes to take in the Fall.

In my car, I had a voice mail message from Joe about his computer. I called him when I got home, and he came over. We copied a .exe file to diskette for him, which neither of us has much hope will solve his problem. He's considering just getting a new computer now -- a laptop.

I had a brief AIM conversation with brianrdu, who has just bought a projection television to celebrate my three years of being without a TV. :-) I also had a short AIM conversation with Robert, who is at his sister's and the Doc's house house/pet-sitting.

I checked out the classes that Will suggested, and enrolled in one. The other one is during the day, from 1-2:45, I think. I have to be at work during that time. So right now, I have two classes in the fall, one on M-W and the other on T-Th, making me, once again, having to go to class four nights a week. I have to change that. I hate that it's so hard to find a summer class that I can take, so that I can take only one class in the Fall. Gotta keep looking.

I'm exhausted. Night, night.

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