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All good things must end...

My flight left at just after midnight as planned, and I slept for most of the flight to Dallas Fort-Worth. It was restless sleep, but enough of it so that the time just flew by. We landed at 3:00AM and I moved my watch forward an hour. I thought, "I can't believe we've arrived an hour early. That's crazy."

In spite of the hour, there were people about in the airport, even though the first AA flight to RDU, didn't leave until 8AM. I found a spot by a plug, popped a CD into my laptop, and was lost in music for about an hour-and-a-half. The food places finally started opening, and I had a Sausage McMuffin at McDonalds. Yum!

I meandered over to my gate, as I had been sitting away from it, because it was the only place I could find a plug. When I got there, they were boarding -- an hour early! WTF? It then dawned on my that I needed to set my watch two hours ahead when we landed instead of one. Good thing I happened to meander over to the gate at that time, or I would have missed my flight after waiting there for 3 hours. That would have been a major bitch.

On that flight, I sat next to a real nice older gentleman, who was on his way to the Raleigh-Durham area for the first time. He was on a business trip for a steel company, and was actually heading to Nash county, and then to Greensboro to fly back from there. We had pleasant conversation for about 20 minutes, at which time he returned to his book, Wise or Otherwise, which had a picture of a priest on the back.

I nodded off. This was the only plane, out of the four I was on this trip, that had those built into the seat headrests. I slept the best on this flight.

Robert picked me up at the airport, and my luggage came out fairly quickly. My skis were brought in through a door between two belts. That sweet man dropped me off at home, where I checked my email, checked to see if I had my advising appointment with Dr. Dicks today, and then went to bed, setting my alarm for 5:00PM.

Class was okay tonight, but I was not very engaged. Amelia had the responses from our questionnaires summarized, and a copy for each team member. As we listened to Dr. Dicks cover tonight's chapter on the test report, which is what we have to have prepared by Monday, all of us were getting a little bit sick to our stomachs about the tremendous amount of work that lies before us.

I met Joe for coffee at Starbucks on Harrison Avenue at 8:15. We talked until about 9:45.



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