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Observations and overhearings....

What a tangled web we weave...

I reached into my laptop bag to pull out the special electric cord that plugs in under the seat of the plane, so as not to use my laptop battery while traveling. Out comes a long spaghetti mess of cords, which include:
  • cord to headphones (over the head one-piece set)

  • cord to headphones (two separate earpiece clip ons)

  • adapter cord for camera

  • palm pilot sync cord

  • regular laptop power cord

  • USB Flash Drive adapter cord

  • cell phone charger cord

Is there any question that we are a technological society?

Overheard conversations on lift chairs during my three days of skiing...
  • "Yeah, dude, working at a bar is good for that. You can pick up girls easy that way. You get to know them, what they drink, and then it makes it easy to go in for the kill."

  • A long conversation in what I eventually decided was German. A lot of "eign" sounding words. I spent a good deal of time listening to the flow of the intonation of the words and sentences, and tried to imagine what an English conversation with that flow would be about.

  • Middle couple to right couple: "Where are you from?" "Long Island. And you?" "Miami." All turning to me, and middle couple to me: "And you?" "I'll complete the East Coast representation, from right in the middle: Raleigh, NC."

  • Two guys snowboarding together to me and the other "single" riding in our four-seat chair: "We just want to let you both know that we haven't gotten off a lift yet without making at least one of the other two people fall."

  • One man to another: "Do you know that your boots are unbuckled?" Response: "Yes, just to ride up the lift."

  • About my boots (from a couple of people): "Wow. Rear entry boots."

  • Two guys about my skis: "Are those straight skis?" Me back: "I'm not sure, but if they are, I'm sure it wasn't a choice." I had no idea skis had an orientation.
  • "Can we put the bar down, please? I get a little vertigo up here sometimes."

  • Teenage girl to girlfriend: "My mom's an awesome skier; you'd like her. See that guy there? (pointing to a man who was tearing up a mogul run) That's my mother. She skis mogul runs like that."

Overheard comments about an airport wall ad...

There's a long lighted ad along a wall. It's for the Silver Legacy (Resort * Casino * Reno). It's three-paneled. The middle panel has the name of the place and three picture insets: one of a hotel room ("Luxurious accommodations!"), one of food ("Award-winning dining!"), and one of a lady holding two cards that are as big as half her body, one Ace and one Jack, with some slot machines behind her ("24-Hour casino action!"). The left panel has a huge picture of Michael Bolton, under which is his name, and "March 19." The right panel has a huge picture of Motely Crue, under which is their name, and "Reno Events Center March 25."

I'm sitting opposite this wall ad, and people coming off arriving flights are coming from the left where they see it right before walking in front of me. Not one person has mentioned Michael Bolton. About the Motley Crue part of the ad:
  • "Oh! Motley Crue."

  • "That's certainly not a recent picture of Motely Crue."

  • "Motley Crue."

  • "Motley Crue. I saw them at... " (faded from my hearing range)

  • "Motley Crue. I sort of want to go see Motley Crue."

  • "Motley Crue."
I was just amazed at how many people just said the name as they walked by. I'm wondering if the "provocativeness" of the picture was the impetus for the ejaculations. I don't know this group at all, so can't name names, but the first guy (all the way to the left) is facing to the right, shirtless, and his right arm is over the next guy (who is also shirtless), down across his chest and back over his shoulder, so sort of like in a relaxed headlock, if that makes any sense. His bent arm is covered from the shoulder bone to the wrist in tattoos.

The second guy's arm has one tattoo on it, one of those ones like a chain in a circle around the bicep. His hands are down on the feet of the fourth guy, farthest to the right, who has shorts on bearing tattoos up and down both legs. His left arm is resting across his right knee, and it is covered with tattoos from the shoulder to the wrist as well. The third guy is standing behind the rest, and all you can see is his huge bushy black hair. In fact, the first, third, and fourth guys have "big hair," and black. The second guy has blond hair with a brown bandanna running underneath it.

Personally, I think, with a quick catch of the picture in your peripheral vision, you would think that that second shirtless guy is a topless girl. I think that's why people are looking at it. It has been all men who have commented about it.

Catchy T-shirts on the slopes...
  • This one on a real hot guy that I was hoping was gay: "I got thrown out of the Boy Scouts for eating a Brownie." Nope, not on our team.

  • A guy speaking French with his group had on a black t-shirt with a diamond or maybe triangular shaped yellow design that made you at first think of the road sign for "Men Working." Only this sign had the stick figure man on it, I think maybe shoveling, but his head was cut off. The words under the sign said, "Need head."

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