DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A bun in the oven, or would it be...

I had a voice mail from Jon B. this morning, who is on the slopes of Tahoe already. He had his first day of skiing, and said, "I've had a great day of skiing -- just finished soaking in the hot tub. I know my legs are going to be feeling it in a couple of hours, though. You are going to love it here. This place is so low-key. You're really going to like this Lakeland Village resort." He then went on to tell me the best stop at which to get off the bus from the airport to transfer to the one to the resort, which I totally appreciate. Can't wait.

On the radio this morning on the way in to work, I heard reality TV shows referred to as "human dramas." Perhaps they are trying to "clean up" the perception of them, a la now referring to "previously owned," instead of "used," cars.

Robert forwarded me an email about "Southern Girls" today. These two lines from it had me rolling:

"Bless her heart, she can't help being ugly, but she could've stayed home."

"Just because your children were born in the South does not make them Southerners. After all, if a cat had kittens in the oven, that wouldn't make them biscuits."

I participated in a conference call about a new "side assignment" I've picked up, "Tivoli RTP IDD eReview Site Focal Point." Woohoo. There are three other focal points, and all three of them sounded not at all pleased with this new little "side job." Suck it up, girls. That's what I say. That's why we get paid the big bucks, and that's why they call it work. Make lemonade already.

I had a good 1-on-1 meeting with my manager, in which we reviewed my contributions year-to-date. I asked for an update on Kurt, and what I heard didn't sound at all good. Hate it.

My salad for lunch was superb. The last of the three NutriSystem Turkey Dogs I had with it, were not. As much as I like hot dogs, I don't think I'm going to re-order those next time. They're kind of mushy, and they're smoked flavor, which I'm not crazy about. Eating mediocre versions of things I love is derailing to me. That's why I won't eat totally fat-free dressings. I'd rather have something with taste, and lose weight slower.

I stopped at the ABC Store on the way home to pick up some Goldschlager. I had the $19.00 big glass bottle in my hand as I meandered near the register where all of the shot-sized bottles are. Are those things called, "Silver Bullets"? I'm so out of the lingo. Anyhoo, <singing>"When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature box, with 12 Goldschlagerettes!"</singing> These were so on time. Perfect fit for the inside pocket of my ski jacket. $24.95 for the 12, but worth it.

Robert and I had dinner at Rockford. We split a turkey and Havarti sandwich and a focaccia sandwich with pepperoni and sprouts. Yum. We both had the cucumber and tomato salad, and we split a piece of coconut cake for dessert. Obviously, all off program. I guess vacation has officially begun.

I tried on all of the ski clothes I'm bringing and everything fit. Yay. Now to get it all packed into two checked items and one carry-on, plus my laptop, of course.

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