DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The pack attack...

I finished assessing all of the remaining issues in verifying state before my 1:00 meeting today. Yippee! That feels good. And it's just in time to brag about it to my manager tomorrow in my 1-on-1 meeting with him.

I got a walk in, at the lake, just before dark today. It was such a beautiful day that one could not not walk today. I walked at 4 MPH, finishing 3 miles in 45 minutes. It was so crowded there at 5:10 when I started that I had to take a parking spot on the side of the road, because, even that late in the day, both parking lots were full.

I did my federal taxes tonight, and then did Jeanie-baby's. Boy, does that feel good to have done. This time of the year always reminds me of just a few years back, when I was doing my taxes and Jeanie's on April 14th, totally stressed out having discovered at the 11th hour that I was going to have to file Washington, DC district taxes for Jeane as well as NC as she'd lived a couple of months there that year.

I got so stressed out that I broke out in severe, severe hives. My fingers got so swollen up, I couldn't sign the forms. I was crying on the phone to two of my friends, and they came over to my house to rescue me, and helped me sign extension requests. I was so on the verge of a nervous breakdown that night, it was ridiculous.

So, it's good to be done a month ahead of schedule. I really didn't want that hanging over my head when I got back from my Spring Break vacation, because, already the shit is going to hit the fan with school work coming due -- for both classes with several assignments, from both classes, sometimes due on the same day, sometimes on adjacent days. That will be enough stress, without wondering when I'd find time to squeeze in taxes.

Early to bed tonight, early to rise tomorrow, for my last day at work this week. I can't believe it's almost time to go. I've been looking forward to this ski trip since the beginning of January now.

This is what my Palm Pilot to-do list says that I need to do/pack/think about before I leave:

Run Norton on laptopPack cell phone chargerSync Palm to laptopPack USB flash drive & 2 diskettesPack sunglassesPack AAA batteries
Susanne Vergara's Birthday 03/12 - cardCopy PairToPeer & related docs to laptopTest music on laptopPack CD CasePack headphonesPack Palm Pilot
Pack pillsBuy Amelia a pen from TahoePack Cabinet of WonderPack flaskPrintouts: genre paper, address book, PtoP review commentsPack Canadian Club
Buy & pack GoldschlagerPack swimsuitTake printed AA Electronic TicketPack lounge pantsTake electronic confirmation for Tahoe Express busPack sound machine
Pack laptop plane plugPack fingernail clipperPack retainerTry on ski clothesDo a load of laundryPack Nutri-food

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