DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Microsoft Schmicrosoft...

I worked almost the entire day on IBM work -- effectiveness analysis. Woohoo.

I checked out my laptop to get it ready to take on vacation. I downloaded new AT&T Client software, which allows me to dial in should I need to, and I spent almost 2 hours downloaing f----- Microsoft Security Updates -- 13 Meg worth of them. Redamndiculous.

I met Joe for coffee at Helios just as he returned to town from Charlotte. We sat outside, as they had this little grate thing set up, in which wood was burning. It wasn't as warm as I would have liked it to be, and a little on the smokey side, but a cozy idea nonetheless.

I got to Flex at about 9:30, and Brian arrived shortly after that. Karaoke started a little late, and started off with Josh singing that damn Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend. Did I say singing? I, of course, meant SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS.

We cracked on a lot of people there; Brian brings out the cattiness in me. He totally worked over the guy who was there on Thursday, who said he was "straight," then when asked again, said, "Hmmmm" waving his hand. Well he was there again tonight, without the girl he was with on Thursday. I had told Brian about him, so of course he had to crack on him.

"Are you straight?" he asks the guy.

"Uh, I don't like labels," he replied trying to avoid a commitment.

Of course Brian didn't let it go at that.

The guy went on, "I'm just who I am," blah, blah, blah -- echoes of internalized homophobia.

Brian, who would accept nothing short of, "I'm a big old homo" from him, kept on until the poor guy said, "I'm gonna go over there and talk to my friend."

We went to Legends at about midnight, where we watched the show, which was pretty good. I love the black chick who was the emcee, or hostess, or whatever the position is called. That one guy that does Reba so well performed, too.

It was your typical night at Legends: me and all the kids young enough to be my grandchildren. :-)

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