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What goes up... must come down...

Class was short tonight. Our team met for about 10 minutes after Dr. Dicks finished his lecture in 30 minutes.

I stopped at the Hairy Peter (Did I say, Hairy Peter? I meant Harris Teeter, of course.) on the way home and bought a red pepper, a cucumber, 3 carrot sticks, a cantaloupe, two cans of pineapple tidbits, some hard candy, 5 boxes of Raisinettes (to bring to Flex tonight), a 12-pack of Diet Coke, and the following for our usability participants tomorrow night: Oreos, cheese crackers, one 20 oz. bottle of regular coke, and a 20 oz. bottle of Sprite.

I got to Flex at 8:30. It was pretty dead in there. Folks trickled in, and we started dancing just after nine. Dancing was great fun tonight, but the evening ended on a downer.

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