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Had a restless night's sleep on Mom and Dad's couch... back hurting, which seems to be going around... dad's back is out from raking, Jeff's back is out. Are we all getting old or what?

Michael, Meagan, and Chris came at around 11, and we had a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner at around noon. Mom asked me to ask Chris to take his hat off, which I did not relish doing. I did ask him, but had the distinct impression he would have taken it off without anyone asking him to. He's awfully quiet, and he and Meagan look so young! However, they will be close to the same age Donna and I were when we got married.

After dinner, the women (excluding me) were in the kitchen (doing the dishes and cleaning up), while the men were all in the living room. At one point, a vote was taken as to whether to keep watching the dog show or to switch to football. Everyone (excluding me) voted for football. (By this time Doug and Lisa had arrived, too.)

I went to take a nap before my drive back at 3. During my nap Mike, Meagan, Lisa, and Doug left. I said my good-byes and thank yous and set off to Raleigh at just before 3.

I called Robert from the road, and left a message. He called back when I was just past Warsaw. (Popular place to have your calls returned, evidently.)

I got back at 5, spent a little time looking up information about Gay Ski Week in Aspen, then shaved and showered for Robert's arrival at around 6:00.

We went to Oasis for two-stepping and line-dancing lessons at 7. It was disappointedly uncrowded. I learned a new "salsa-beat" dance with a new line dancing step (to me) in it: the mambo. Overall, it was not my favorite dance, but it may grow on me.

There was a new guy there, Tim or Tom, who taught two-stepping. He was a good teacher. He worked alone with Robert for a little while, which was good. Robert and I danced together some toward the end, and it was good!

I danced a few dances with Joe. Always good to dance with him. We did a shadow dance, too, which I loved.

We stopped by home, and I changed out of my boots. We met Steve at Flex at around 11:30. It was okay, but that drag show is just too late, and it's not all that. We left at around 1:10, got to bed at around 1:30, and got to sleep at around 3:15. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

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