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Refrigerator doors...

I got up when my clock showed 10:13, which I just love, as that's my birth date, 10/13. I had a hard boiled egg, and a slice of toast for breakfast. I did not eat a NutriSystem food entree. Not quite sure why. Wasn't hungry for one, though.

Before leaving for my walk around the lake, I had a delicious, delicious, delicious, did I mention delicious salad. It didn't have any lettuce in it. I had the Vegetarian Sloppy Joe NutriSystem entree, poured over an end piece of bread. Yum!

At Lake Johnson, the first parking lot was full, do I drove to the other one. I didn't see Steve at either, so I called him. He was waiting for a spot in the first lot, and we agreed to meet on the bridge. As I was walking, Joe called and told me about the unauthorized address change on his bank statements.

We had a good walk, walking 1.5 miles one way, then turning around and walking back the same way. Steve is still not at 100%, and didn't want to negotiate the hills on the back half of the lake, which was fine with me.

While walking he told me, regarding my journal entry from yesterday, that they have some carts at their school that were donated by either Wal-Mart or K-Mart -- that those stores donate to nonprofits. I was glad to hear that, and will go with the notion that the one at Carmichael was donated.

He also commented on the "minutia" of some of my journal entries lately, which made me smile. He also told me that he's hooked on reading my journal, and has even gotten a friend of his hooked on it. That made me smile more. (Hi, Jodee! Consider yourself an official blogstalker.) :-)

I remembered this morning that last night at our book club outing, Suzanne told us that when the repair person came to fix her refrigerator door, he told her she shouldn't have all those heavy things on the door. "Gallon milk containers can weigh upwards of five pounds. And those soda bottles are heavy, too." Well, I thought that's what those slots on the doors were for.

It made me take an inventory of my door this morning, just out of curiosity. This is what I found:

Top RowEgg trays, in which sits one hard boiled egg, and on which lies a cellphone battery, and one of those masks (filled with that "blue ice" liquid) to put over your eyes when you have a headache or something. I've never used it. In the butter compartment, a box of Land O'Lakes butter (salted) with 3 sticks in it.
Second RowA 5 3/4 oz. jar of green olives, one of those plastic "Real Lemon" juice squeezers, a 6 oz. jar of maraschino cherries, and 3 snack pack sized cans of diced peaches.
Third RowJars of Tostito brand (medium) salsa, Mt. Olive bread & butter pickles, Hellmann's Light mayonnaise, Smucker's grape jelly, and bottles of lite soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and worcestershire sauce.
Fourth Row4 bottles of salad dressing (2 Thousand Island, 1 French, 1 Light Ranch), a bottle of Hunt's ketchup, a bottle of Bullseye barbecue sauce, and four 20 oz. bottles of Aquafina bottled water.

Can you believe you're reading about what's on my refrigerator door? Talk about minutia. :-) Oh well, it looks like I'm not breaking any of the rules, though the water bottles might put up a yellow flag. At least they're the 20 oz. buttles and not liter bottles.

Got an email from my sister today.

Hello bro':

I have finally decided that I cannot go on the Alaska trip -- damn. I've just gotten back from DC, I have to go again in March, then Charlotte in April, Mexico City in May, and Orlando in July...I just feel like I need to be at work the week before students return. I know you all will have a great time.

I read your blog -- what a riot. You lead such a hilariously funny life!!!

Take care my dear brother.


I got a good portion of my genre paper done today. I got to Flex right at 11. It was pretty crowded in there. I hung out with Brian and Ryan. They left for Legends just before one. I left shortly after that.

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