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Canada Reads, do we?

I had a good meeting with Cassandra today on Effectiveness Analysis. We got some things nailed down, and I identified next steps. We're going to meet again tomorrow to go through the QMX stuff.

I was alerted to this program going on in Canada to narrow down (from 5) the top book Canadians should read. It's like an American Idol only with books. The U.S. needs to get with the program (no pun intended) with things like this. Each of the 5 books has a "champion," who defends the book, and then over the course of the days, books are "voted off," not unlike "Survivor." The home page for Canada Reads talks about the latest eliminated book.

I got to Tompkins right at 5:30, and Amelia was eating Sushi, and talking to Courtney in the hall.

It took less than ten minutes to cover "How to Create Screen Captures and Highlight Areas," so we spent the remainder of the time before class surfing the 'net. She was reading about Pomeranians, and I was checking the ENG 519 blogs for any updates.

Class was fun tonight, because during the first five minutes, we got our test plans back, and the we split up by groups. We looked at our grade, which was 9.5 out of 10, and briefly read his comments. Then, while the other three teams migrated to various corners of the room to plan the next deliverable (Test Materials), our team went down to the lobby of the building to devise our plan. We read through the list of materials that we have to create, and then divided the nine items up between the four of us. These are due Monday. I was only assigned one item, which is good, because my Genre Analysis Paper in my other class is due on Sunday.

At home, I had the "Flame-Broiled (how dramatic) Cheeseburger" for dinner. I had it on two pieces of bread with some light mayonnaise. I love that thing. It seems like such a "treat" to eat on a diet.

I got to dancing just before 9:00, and it was dead in there. Things really picked up over the evening though, and there ended up being beaucoup dancers there, and a big crowd. Carl taught Georgia Winder, which really has some difficult steps near the end, and is a fast dance to boot. The floor was full with folks learning it. Good deal.

There were two Lesbians in the place, who got so amazingly drunk over the course of the evening, that it was pitiful. By the end of the evening, they were literally on the floor (the dance floor, no less) at times. They stumbled out of there at about 11, I guess. I hate it when people don't "get" that when you don't know how to do a line dance, you just don't go out in the middle of the floor and "wing it." It's so easy to bump into people, which is rude, and actually sprain someone's ankle, or worse yet break it, doing some of these dances, which is just plain irresponsible. If you want to "try" a dance, try it over in the corner or in a separate part of the bar from the dance floor. 'Course, this is useless information to them now.

Just before leaving, this older gentleman, who I'd actually seen a lot during the night sitting and watching us dance, said to me, "What's your name?"

"John," I said.

"I've been watching you dance all night long. You're just so comfortable out there. I love watching you dance."

How sweet. Made my night.

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