DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Miss Saigon redux...

I postponed my QMX demo from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. My 1:00 meeting went well. Phil B. attended, which surprised me. I like Helen's contributions.

I burned copies of my Miss Saigon Soundtrack. They play in my computer CD player, but not in my car. I'm wondering if I burned them in the wrong format or what.

I rushed to get to the post office by 5:00, where I found out that it was closed today anyway for President's Day.

I got to class almost an hour early, and spent the time in the lab on the Internet.

Class was okay tonight. Dr. Dicks zipped right through chapter seven in about 30 minutes, and then took questions for about 15 minutes. (And chapter seven is on the schedule for Wednesday, too, like it was supposed to take two class periods to discuss.) At 6:45, with still a half hour of class time left, he concluded class. Every team but ours used the extra time to meet about their projects. We left, as we don't see that there's much more we can do until he returns our test plans on Wednesday.

I had the rest of the broccoli, some cooked cabbage with vinegar, salt and pepper on it, and had the Macaroni, Beef, and Cheese dinner entree, which I love. I wanted a slice of bread and butter with it but resisted. I had the Lemon Crisps for dessert/snack. They're yummy.

I listened to the soundtrack from Miss Saigon a lot today.

I struggled with food tonight. Later, I got hungry, which is not usually the case. I ended up eating the last leftover piece of the CPK Thai Chicken pizza. Absolutely delicious.

I worked on my genre paper some more, and my grandiose plans are not to be realized. At the rate I'm going now, I'm on the extension track. I'm hoping tomorrow night, and I can pull a late-nighter and make significant progress.

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