DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

On the road again...

I had a short day at work, leaving the office around 1:00 to head to Jacksonville. The traffic was pretty light. I called Mom & Dad from the road, no answer. Left a message. I called Vivian and Jeff on the way to let them know I was getting to Jacksonville earlier than planned. Mom called back when I was in Warsaw, and I told her I'd like to run out to the P.X. when I got in if it wouldn't throw her cooking schedule off.

I arrived in record time to Jacksonville (two hours), and Mom and I set out to the PX. On the way, she mentioned she had sent Michael a birthday card, with a check in it, and invited him "home for the holidays." Neither of us thinks it will happen. She is curious to see if he cashes the check. I looked at (computer) monitors at the PX, but didn't find one I wanted.

Mom and I had a sandwich when we got back, and shortly after Lisa arrived to drop off Michael. Lisa stayed for a few minutes. Vivian and Jeff arrived at around 6:30, and we ate shortly thereafter.

Uneventful evening getting caught up on everything with everyone.

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