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Back to work young man...

Back to the grind. Listened to my cell phone messages this morning before leaving the house and Courtney was stranded. I picked her up.

The only thing getting me through the day is knowing I'll see Robert tonight.

Courtney and I walked for 25 minutes today after work. We've both joined "Fit for Fall" at work, and have made commitments to exercise to our "virtual teams."

I dropped her off at her home, and stopped by the Harris Teeter at Cameron Village to pick up some filets, asparagus, and steak fries. I think I saw Frgyandres there.

When I got my grill out to start the coals, I found it BENT. It's like someone had SAT on it, or put a real heavy object on it. I can't believe it. It's almost brand new -- a Weber. VERY disappointing. I got it to stand with only a slight slant, enough for it to remain standing and to be able to get through this meal. Coincidently, when Mom and Dad were here last week, they said they wanted to buy me a gas grill. Guess I'll be taking them up on that offer!

We had a real neat meal as while cooking, a transformer blew in my neighborhood and the power went out for about 30-40 minutes. We ended up grilling the asparagus instead of steaming them and bagged (so to speak) the steak fries, which needed to be baked in the oven.

Robert and I had incredible intimate time.

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