DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A figurative group hug...

Weight Milestone: Dropped out of the 200s.

Whew. I'm losing it -- not weight, but my mind. In yesterday's blog entry, I had some stuff that happened yesterday, and some that actually happened today. So sue me. I fixed it. My life is back in order now. :-)

<Stuff from today that was originally in yesterday's entry.> I met Mary at the Crossroads McDonald's at 7:30 for our quarterly financial review. We had a good breakfast, and fun chit chat.

On the way to work, this lady called the radio station to talk about the funniest story she knew of someone and Valentine's greetings cards. She said she has a (guy) friend who buys sweet Valentine cards for his wife, but then crosses out the things that don't apply. So he would get one that says something like "You're sweet, fun, thoughtful, caring, and a great mom to our kids." And his wife will be like, "You've crossed out fun and caring, what does that mean?" "Well, you're not those things, so I've crossed them out." Nice guy. Too funny.</Stuff from today that was originally in yesterday's entry.>

I worked in the office in the morning today, and from home this afternoon. Decently productive day.

Mid-afternoon, I received an email from Dr. Swarts about the postings in my blog about how the class is occurring for several of us. Basically he was asking permission to start a discussion in class tonight based upon the comments in my blog about people feeling overloaded with course work in his class. It was a very open note, with an obvious "seek first to understand, then to be understood" feel to it, which I appreciated. He was obviously interested in alleviating the concerns, ensuring that we're all having a good educational experience in the class, and clarifying and readjusting things to that end. He also told me that he appreciated my comments in my blog entries about the class (both positive and critical), which I think is evidence of walking the talk.

As an aside, I think that what happened (though I'm a little ambivalent about the totally anonymous posting that was a little caustic) was a good thing. And what happened as a result is an even better thing. What a great thing, it seems to me, for a professor to have "immediate" (unmediated -- well, by now, we all know about that!) feedback about a class as it is happening, and be able to take corrective action, instead of finding out at the end of the semester, through (way) after-the-fact feedback, that things went awry early on. Anyhow, I'm glad the situation was addressed, I know the clarifications about the readings, assignments, and their priorities really helped me, and hopefully everyone else. Group hug.

In class, we had that discussion, readjusted the schedule, and then finished up our critical analysis of the type of blogs the various groups were assigned. I worked with Michelle, Jerry, and Jenny, we analyzed milblogs, and I think we got a decent feel for what we were supposed to be getting out of the exercise.

Then, we (as a class) talked about possible topics for our upcoming Genre Analysis Papers, and I threw out that I am currently considering obituaries. I have to think some more about it. While I feel fairly certain that this is developing as a genre, I'm not sure it's there yet. I may do it from an historical perspective.

I got to bed early tonight for a change -- in time to actually get eight hours sleep.

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