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Far From Heaven

Another quiet day at work today. Made progress with Kim's connection to the Xyvision server, so that was good. Unfortunately, she got a bad book from Jim, so we could never complete the test.

When I made plans to meet Robert with his computer today, I had forgotten that it was book club lunch day, so had to cancel with them. I met Robert at about 12:10, and we got his computer set up, but not to the point of actually having a connection to Earthlink. He made a salad, beautifully done, and had my requested lunch of a Pepperoni Bread Lean Cuisine. He also surprised me with a carmel ice cream sandwich from Healthy Choice. It was delicious! We sucked some face before parting. :-)

I got my hair cut with Thomas at 5:30 today. The lady in the chair across from us had huge amounts of thick black hair cut off. Most women would die for her hair. It looked good when she was done; too bad neither her hairdresser, nor Thomas, had a hand mirror so she could look at it. Thomas has broken seven mirrors that Heather knows of. Isn't that some kind of bad karma or something?

Thomas told me one of the rats has died. No plans yet to replace. There are still a couple of foster kittens in the house. Aaron has an appointment tomorrow; should find out more about a chemo schedule then.

I went home, showered, and then met Steve and Steve at the Rialto. We saw Far From Heaven, starring Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid. It was about a woman whose husband is gay, and his coming out to her. If the "other Steve" hadn't been with us, I'm sure both Steve and I would have been crying at one point. During it, I was wondering what Donna would be thinking seeing that movie.

After the movie, I stopped by Flex to watch a little of the karaoke. After a few minutes, surprisingly, Steve showed up. I really didn't think he was going to stop by. There were only two participants that I considered good. A few of them were excruciating!

Robert had left me a voice mail message, so I chatted with him on the way home. He sounded in good spirits, and had gotten connected to Earthlink. The comptuer is working like a "normal computer," so that is good news!

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