DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Meeting Holiday, and "falling off the program"...

We had sesame seed bagels for breakfast. (Read: I ate "off program.") Robert headed home at about 10:30.

I spoke with Steve online and arranged his visit for 1:00, at which time he arrived and we went through the usability test. It was quite interesting to watch him struggle with almost the exact same things with which Robert and I struggled. Should make for a good report.

Vivian called, and we discussed her desire/availability to go on the cruise with us, but she can't swing it schedule-wise.

Steve drove us to Lake Johnson, and we did the 3-mile walk around the lake. Beautiful weather. Good exercise.

On the way to Mary's I checked in with mom and dad. Mom had made dad a big pot of chili for the game tonight, and she was planning to be at Bingo. I told her about my chat with Uncle Dennis about the cruise, and got her okay to book if it all works out. I hope it does. Should be fun.

I got to Mary's Open House right at 3:30, and met Holiday. Such a cute baby. The rest of the book club was already there when I arrived. Mary had some delicious goodies out, including the Harry & David dip that I love so much. Suzanne brought some most delicious honey-BBQ wings. They were very, very good. I spilled a cup of soda on the floor when Mary was out of the room changing Holiday, and Sharon helped me get it all cleaned up so that she never knew it happened. :-) I ate (off program again) more than I should have, but less than I would have had I not been dieting, so I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

I was going to skip dinner due to eating off program all day, but I know that's not good for you, so I had a Lasagna with Meat Sauce entree.

I worked all night on the Usability Report. It took much longer than I anticipated it would, and I finally stopped at 3AM. :-( And I still have a couple of "finishing touches" for it, tomorrow. Oh well.

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