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I love Josh Groban, Irregardless...

I found this rather thought-provoking this morning.

Jeanie-baby (pictures of Jeanie-baby at the bottom of the page at that link) called today to ask me if I was going to be able to do her taxes again this year. She sounded absolutely great, which made me feel absolutely great. During our conversation, I said, "Someone's having a birthday in a couple of weeks!" I could hear the laugh in her voice. I continued, "How old are you going to be now?" I was expecting to hear, "76."

"80," she replied. Damn! I didn't realize this was her 80th. I wish I could fly down and surprise her with a visit. I'm going to have to do something. I wonder how much 80 roses would cost. Actually, I'm liking that idea. Can you imagine getting 80 roses -- a little over six-and-half dozen -- delivered to you? Oh yes, I'm liking the visual of that. They will probably be much cheaper with Valentine's Day out of the way. I am definitely going to look into that.

Just remembered that as a paid member of LiveJournal, I have access to a "poll generator." Unfortunately, only people who have a LiveJournal userid can vote using the poll. If you post anonymously, and want to vote, please do so by selecting, "Leave a comment," and writing in your vote.
Poll #431217 80 Roses Poses This Question

Is it a good idea to send 80 roses to a blind lady for her 80th birthday? (Actually, she has very limited sight, and she lives with her daughter and son-in-law, if that makes a difference.)

Yes, she can stop and smell the roses.
No, it might be a thorny issue.
I have an alternate idea. (Post it as a comment.)

Joe and I had dinner at Irregardless Cafe tonight. Needless to say, I ate "off program." We had hummus and pita points for an appetizer, and two drinks each. We each had a salad, and actually each ordered the same entree: SZECHWAN LO MEIN (VEGAN) ... Shiitake mushrooms, grilled broccoli, bok choy, eggplant, and onions stir fried with a spicy soy ginger sauce tossed with buckwheat soba noodles. . . . . . $14. We had coffee, and no dessert.

We parked by about 7:50 at the RBC, and made it to our seats at right about 7:59. Amazingly enough, we were seated about five seats down from Becky M., with whom I work. We were third row from the top, so pretty far up, but the binoculars came way in handy.

I watched Josh a lot through the binoculars. What a beautiful man. If you looked in the binoculars, not at him, but at the monitors that were showing him, you could see the stubble on his cheeks, chin, around his lips, and hair starting on his chest, right where his last button stopped. Such a beautiful boy.

When we came back from getting popcorn between the opening act and Josh, these four "outdoorsey women" (read: Lesbians), asked Joe, "Did you notice if there was a line for the ladies room?" What do we look like? Women? Do we look like we squat when we pee? We both got a laugh out of that.

The principal violinist Josh had playing in his back-up band was absolutely phenominal. I loved the second song, in which he (Josh) was singing "against" her violin piece. It was incredible to me.

Oh, that violinist? She did have huge feet. And she played barefoot, which was a little distracting. I couldn't help but think of that "Steel Magnolias" line about shoes, "I wear an 8, but a 9 feels so good, I buy a 10." Something like that.

Of course, "You Raise Me Up," was one of the highlights of the night. What a magnificent voice. I also loved "Vincent," and Simon and Garfunkel's America that he sang solo, while playing the piano, as part of his ovation.

We went to Flex afterwards, and spent the night talking with Phil and Joe, and trying to name all of the songs and artists of the great songs that Gary was playing. I kept going up to him and saying, "Honey, who's singing this one?"

Fun night. Drank too much. Ate too much. I had too much bread and butter at dinner, and I had a tub of popcorn at the concert. Oh well. Back on it tomorrow. And tomorrow's a dance night, so that should help.

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