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Usability Lab Tour and dancing...

Weight Milestone: Moved up a belt loop this morning.

This started my day off with a smile. And, though that's amusing, it's not hysterical like this one is to me, which is one of those clips that no matter how many times I watch it, I literally laugh out loud.

While I was working out on Monday night, this guy walking from the weight room to the water fountain had on a long-sleeved white t-shirt that said in black, block letters across his chest, "EAT AT JOE'S." I immediately wondered if his name was Joe.

I picked up our Miss Saigon tickets today, and realized I forgot to order one for one of the people going. Yikes. I spoke with Joe, and he wanted to get a ticket for Richard, so he called and ended up getting two seats for them. Whew. Now I can give the 5th ticket I bought to the person I forgot.

I had the Cream of Broccoli Soup lunch item today, and it was pretty darn good. What was not good was the one spoonful I was lifting out of the container that sort of got stuck on the container, and then just came loose, flicking three huge clumps of the stuff into the air. While it did taste good, it did not look good on my sweatshirt. I walked to the restroom nonchalantly holding a piece of paper over my chest. Fortunately, it all came out without staining. See, there's not that many chemicals in this food. :-)

I got an easy parking space for class tonight, and left my book bag in the car, as tonight's class agenda is to tour the usability lab, which is actually in the library. I don't know why we weren't instructed to just meet at the library. We will use up at least 15 minutes of the class rounding up and walking over there together. Oh well. What I said to Courtney on Monday night applies here as well: We'll be getting graduate level credit for walking to the library.

Okay, class started, and I was immediately annoyed. Dr. Dicks: "We're not going to be touring the lab today; we're going to do that for Monday's class instead." Grrrr! Thanks for the notice. I have nothing to write on, and nothing to write with now -- to take class notes. I hate that.

After class, I stopped by HT and bought a bunch of veggies, a little bit of fruit, and a 12-pack of soda.

At home, I had the BBQ Chicken Breast Patty entree. I had it on a whole-wheat English Muffin with some 2% Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese. Yum! I had green beans with it. I had the chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Dancing was just okay tonight. We had a fair number of dancers, but the crowd was nil, and Van played too many songs we don't dance to, in my humble opinion. These are the rather "regular" dances we didn't do tonight (that come to mind anyway): Hanky Spanky, Schottishe, Bayou City Twister, Georgia Winder, Walk the Line, Tush Push, Crotch Rot, and Matador. Oh well. I still burned off some calories, and it did make us miss our Adam. And I do appreciate Van's taking over. No doubt about that.

At home, I "cheated" by eating some celery with light cream cheese and green olives, and tried the almond-amaretto biscotti, which was surprisingly decent.

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