DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Attention K-Mart shoppers...

I read some of Swales today. No comment, which just happens to rhyme with "vomit."

I went to K-Mart specifically to get some workout clothes with NC State all over them. I need some new stuff, and I might as well look like everyone else down at Carmichael. I ended up with 3 t-shirts with NC State on them. I got two pairs of shorts that don't say anything on them, two pairs of Joe Boxer flannel boxers for three dollars each, and three sweat towels. Big shopping spree. I also got two folders to organize my class papers in my two classes this semester, and a three-hole punch. I couldn't help but think about Tanya while buying that three-hole punch. It made me smile.

I came home, tried on the stuff I didn't try on there, and everything fit. I cut off all the tags.

I went to Carmichael and worked out. Right as I was parking, my phone rang. It was Joe, but I couldn't hear him. Nothing. The display said connected, but it was just nothing. Not even "dead air." Just sounded like the phone wasn't even on. I said, "I can't hear you, honey, if you can hear me." He called me right back. Same thing. "Let me try and call you," I said. I called him and we connected. Weird. He said he'd been having trouble getting service all weekend up there in the mountains. We caught up briefly, and penciled in meeting for coffee tomorrow night after I get out of class.

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, and burned off 425 calories. I know I did a harder workout today than I did on Friday, when I burned off 450 calories. I don't trust those machines. I was on a different machine tonight. Oh well. Calories Schmalories. I did 19.5 laps around the indoor track -- 3 miles. Yippee.

On one of the last few laps, I looked around and noticed that everyone who had the red and gray stuff on had gray shirts and red shorts. Every one of them. How odd. I had on a red shirt, and gray shorts. I did not get the memo! Alert the fashion police.

When I got in my car after working out and turned on my phone, I had a voice mail message from Steve. He was on his way back from Myrtle Beach and asked me to call him. I did. He had just returned to Raleigh, and said, "You going out tonight?"

"Well... I could have my arm twisted just that one degree, I suppose."

He said, "Meet me there at 9:00, girl."

Let's see, balance them... in the left hand, we have a drink at Flex with a friend; in the right hand, we have Swales. Hmmm. Flex. Swales. Flex Swales. Tough one. I'm such a pushover.

At home I had a salad for dinner, and the cheese pizza entree. I had an "extra dairy" to use today, so I cut up 1 ounce of sharp cheddar cheese and added it to the pizza, so had a double-cheese pizza. It was so delicious. I am just going to ignore the fact that it was just over the size of a half dollar. Repeat after me: This is what a "normal" portion looks like. This is what a "normal" portion looks like.

I had the Cinnamon & Raisin Bagel Chips for dessert. Dreadful. Definitely on the DON'T YOU DARE REORDER LIST. Nothing that a 69-calorie bourbon and diet coke at Flex won't wash down, though.

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