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My kingdom for the keys to the kingdom...

I got up at 6AM, and Courtney and I left the house at about 6:45. I wanted to have some time before my demo today to make sure everything was ready. As 9:00 drew nigh, I got my computer in the state it needed to be in to do my presentation, put it on standby, and went up to the conference room to connect it before the meeting started. All went smoothly.

I sat through the first half of their meeting, as I was on the agenda for the second half hour of the meeting. Greg introduced me at 9:30, and I proceeded with my demo. Other than it running excruciatingly slow (due to the Sametime e-Meeting broadcast to the Austin and Toronto folks), it went well. There were several questions, so people were engaged. I was also invited back to next week's meeting to talk about a few more things. Yippee.

We left work at about 5:00, and stopped by Mary Lou's to pick up Courtney's Fed-Ex package, which contained her entire set of keys, which she had left in Baltimore yesterday. Ben had Fed-Exed them to her. Courtney talked to the driver at around 11AM, because he couldn't find the house. She had given them the name as Spring Clover, but it was Sweet Clover, or vice-versa, I forget now. He had said, "Okay, I'm leaving it at the front door."

The package was nowhere to be found. We opened doors, lifted things, looked under a bench, and in the bushes. I walked around to every house in the cul-de-sac looking for a package sitting on a front door step. Nothing. Needless to say, Courtney was crazy. This was all of her keys, several of which are "one of a kind," both in terms of her not having another copy of them, and in terms of one of them being the original key, from 1932, to her house. She was so upset, and I couldn't blame her. What a hassle. Especially, since one of the main reasons she had them sent was that she needed her car key so that she can retrieve it from RDU parking, which is costing her $6.00 a day, not to mention leaving her without a car this week. The only conclusion we can come to is that someone stole the package, which seems absolutely incredible. Mary Lou says she's let packages sit in front of her door for days before. Just crazy.

At home, I had the BBQ Chicken Breast entree, and Courtney had my CPK Thai Chicken pizza. It smelled so good, but I wasn't bitter, and I didn't have any. I tried the little bag of chocolates for dessert, which I never would have ordered myself, and they were out of this world. Definitely on the reorder list.

519 was fun tonight. We had more discussion of my three questions, which was really cool. I got to say my two cents about the article and my questions, as concluding comments, which I really appreciated. I like how Dr. Swarts is doing that.

After class, I noted to Dr. Swarts that I was a little disappointed that no one addressed question two, about where we thought our experience fell on "The Experience Cube," mostly because I wanted to make sure my understanding of it was correct. I told him that my thought was that the farther back into the one corner it was, the harder I thought the experience would be to replicate interactively. He responded, "Yes, that's basically it. The more multi-dimensional the expereince is, the harder it will be to replicate." This makes perfect sense with regards to our discussions in class, with people noting that when it comes to the olfactory and tactile dimensions of experience, it becomes difficult-to-impossible to replicate.

At home, Courtney watched some "Buffy" on my computer's DVD player, and I read The Design of Everyday Things for 508 tomorrow night.

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