DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Genre, Schmenre...

I read 45 pages of the required 92 of Swales' Genre book for Tuesday's class. OMG. Way too dense a reading. I had to read way more sentences and paragraphs over than I wanted to, and many times, even after that, I didn't understand what I'd just read. Not to mention the tiny font size of the printing.

It's just arduous all the way around. Plus, I think it is using "discourse" from a "discourse community" that I'm not a part of. That being annoying aside, it's just not good "usability" to use acronyms without saying what they stand for the first time they are used. ESP? I only know what this means with regards to Shirley MacLaine. He uses several others, which I'm assuming is part of a teaching or pedagogy discourse community. All I know is that it's making me part of the bitter discourse community.

I ran to Walmart during the day and bought a new mop, some Pine-Sol, some shaving cream, and Catch Phrase. I finished up that free $50 gift card I got for applying for a Discover card. Now I can cut up the card. I stopped at the card shop, and got cards for Mary L. and Nikko. There was a lady in there with a full length fur coat getting her cards for $.59 a piece, too. That's how the rich get, and stay, rich.

I had the Beef Stroganoff entree for dinner last night, along with a salad and some steamed broccoli. The Stroganoff was better than I'd thought it would be. I was not planning to reorder it, but I may order one for next month.

I got to Flex at about 8:00. It was pretty dead in there, but Robert F. and Rick E. were there, and talking to a guy named Jesus, to whom they introduced me. We all chatted for a while, but mostly it was me and Rick talking, while Robert and Jesus talked. I love the irony of running into a guy named Jesus at a gay bar. Even if it was pronounced "hey-suess."

Joe and Richard arrived not too much later, and Joe and I played some pool, while Richard watched. After a little bit, Joe alerted me to the fact that Brian had arrived.

We got Joe to sing his two songs, At This Moment and Piano Man. I watched Richard's eyes sparkle as Joe sang the first song, during which he said, "I need to marry that man." Awwww. How absolutely sweet. I'm happy for Joe.

It was a fun night, aided by the fact that we did not have to endure "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" or "Bad Moon Rising" being belted out by Mister I-Don't-Need-A-Microphone. Indeed.

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