DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Portobello and potato at Porter's...

I read most of the day today. Got ahead on 508's reading for this week. I wanted to run a couple of errands today, but the weather was not pretty, so I stayed put.

I met Joe, Richard, Ben, Dale, and Steve at Porter's at 7. Actually, I was the first one to arrive. "I'm with a party of six," I said to the hostess.


"Yes," I said.

"Right this way." I approached a table for six with only two people at it so far, none of whom were in my party."

"Uh, no, this wouldn't be my Joe," I said.

"Ooops." She took me back to the front.

"Maybe it's under Chason," I said.

"Oh yes, I see it."

I said, "Okay, thanks, I'll just wait over at the bar until the rest of them arrive."

I ordered a bourbon and diet coke, and just as I took my first sip, she came back over. "Excuse me, sir. Was that Jason or Chason."

"Chason," I said.

She said, "Okay, I just wanted to be sure. We have three reservations for six at 7:00: a 'Joe,' a 'Chason,' and a 'Jason.'"

Good lord. What are the chances?

I had the Portobello Mushroom sandwich, and substituted a baked potato for the fries. He brought the backed potato "loaded." I scraped off the cheese, sour cream, and bacon onto a plate.I also passed on the absoultely delicious looking appetizer, which was nachos and an artichoke dip.

Robert joined us after dinner. We stopped by my place so he could change, and then met the rest of the group at Flex. We had a fun, fun, fun, fun fun, fun night. Many games of pool, a couple of rounds of Goldschlager later, and then home we went!

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