DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A marginal dinner...


I worked from home today, as the roads were still icy in the morning. The EAGLE luncheon was canceled. I spent some time on the phone with Jason from Austin trying to get that damn QMX database working correctly. It's really starting to stress me out. I have got to have it ready to demo next Tuesday morning.

I had the Honey Mustard Chicken Breast Filet entree for dinner. I didn't much care for it. The breast patty was good, but it was "in vegetables," and the vegetables included black beans. I hate beans. All beans except green beans. I know legumes are good for you. I tried to be a big boy and eat them. I did not like them. I will most likely not re-order this item.

I had two pieces of toast lightly buttered. Delicious. It's been a while since I've had that. I had all three of my carbs "left over" today, so treated myself to one of my favorite things in the world. Toast.

I was excited about class tonight as it was my turn to provide a critique on the class reading, and to devise some discussion questions for class. About 15 minutes before class was over, we got to the questions. Bobette answered the question about her most intense human experience to date. It revolved around 9/11, and visiting Ground Zero. We had good discussion, but ran out of time. Class ran over, actually.

I stopped at the Food Lion on the way home and bought bread, eggs, yogurt, and a green pepper.

Robert was at my house when I got home.

I had the White Cheddar Chips snack. These actually tasted more like rice cakes than potato chips, but they were still pretty good.

I did homework reading, and he read for pleasure, then started on a crossword puzzle. I joined him in the puzzle after a while. We pretty much did it all. Good work!

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